How To Get Results !!!

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People ask me, Roy how do you get results in life? And I always tell them that it starts with your focus. I mean think about it, have you ever been working hard and just for some reason couldn’t get the results you wanted, couldn’t get the outcome you wanted, couldn’t get what you wanted to manifest? It always starts with your focus. Whatever you focus on, whatever you centripetally think about all the time will create emotion in you, and those emotions, those feelings, those chemicals will up rise in you, you will then make a decision based on the emotions that you have, that decision then leads to the key to all results and that’s action.

You know, that the bridge from being too having is doing right?

So we take action and then based on those actions we achieve our results. So if it starts with Focus, how do we get the results or the outcome that we want? What do we focus on? What you have to focus on from the beginning is the result. I know that’s hard to do because once you have this Vision, once you have this result in your head your consciousness takes off like a jet plane into the future and you have all these possibilities you get all this inspiration, your like I’m going to do this, I’m going to make that much money, I’m going to do that, and what happens is your consciousness takes off into the future like a jet plane but you’re still in the car trying to chase that jet plane for the rest of your life. So with that focus, it makes you feel like you will never achieve it, or it will suppress your focus and it will keep you from achieving those results. So what you have to do is focus on is the result, and circle that car with the jet plane as you are on your journey, and what happens is when you start to gain that momentum you keep that emotion and you make those good decisions, you take the actions, and then you’ll start to hit the results, and people will say how great you are, and will start asking you like people ask me, well how did you make that money, how did you go from broke to buying that house, how did you meet that beautiful woman, that beautiful girl, Roy, you’re just so lucky. I just say, “no it’s not that, it’s I stayed focused,” and that focus gave me the emotion, which was the drive to the car which made me make better decisions, which helps me take action, and which got me the results I have today.

Results can be multiplied simply my understand how results are attained. By reverse engineering the process of creation, we can then create what we want with intention.

Results come from the actions we take, the effect comes after the cause of action.

The action comes from the decisions we make in life.

Decisions are made based on the state you are in, and your state is dictated by your emotions in that moment. Emotions are the drivers that come from focus.

What we focus on create the emotions we have.

The process goes in this order: FOCUS > EMOTIONS > DECISIONS > ACTIONS > RESULT.

The key to generating the emotions necessary for the decisions and actions we want to make is to focus on the result from the start.

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