How To Deal With Stress !!!

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Dealing with stress comes from understanding what stress is and then reframing its meaning to benefit our purpose.

Stress generally comes in three responses:

1: Walk Away Response: The walk away response is the response we get when we don’t feel too threatened and we also just don’t want to deal with the stimuli. You know when you feel a small amount of stress coming on and you just walk away because you don’t want to deal with it.

2. Fight or Flight: The fight or flight response is the response that most people are aware of. This is the response where you can’t walk away, so you must take action towards the stimuli in a verbal, or physical way. This could mean yelling, this could mean fighting or this could mean running. The fight or flight response is the survival mechanism the mind has made towards a negative stimulus that the mind sees as an attack. It’s important to know that this attack can be on the actual well-being of the person being attacked, or it could simply be an attack on the beings concepts or identity.

the fight or flight response releases cortisol which to keep simply is adrenaline. That’s why we get the chest or stomach feeling at these moments. Cortisol also shuts off vital systems so that it has the energy to fight or flight. It shuts off systems such as growth, and the immune system at the moment. The immune system isn’t needed in the moment of attack, so the body shuts it off for a moment. This is what cortisol does.

Cortisol is a good thing for us when used properly. Cortisol opens up synaptic pathways so the  brain can remember and record what’s going on. Stress can be and is necessary for growth as an all-around human being. It’s when we have too much cortisol over long periods of time is when it gets deadly.

3. The last response is the Unconscious Response. Unconscious stress is the mother of addiction and the father of suicide. You see, the stress response was made for action in a moment of need. But when we can’t fight or flight, or we can’t walk away we then go unconscious. We go unconscious by medicating ourselves with drugs, bad foods, even sex. This is why people can’t wait for happy hour or can’t wait for the weekend so they can do their favorite way of going uncsonsious. They go

People go unconscious because they sit with cortisol in their system unused. Unused cortisol is deadly for your body. Remember cortisol shuts off other systems to have the energy to take action, if no action is taken then the cortisol just drips in your body and those systems are still off. No action in these situations can leave our immune system weak for long periods of time. No immune system? Boom, we got cancers going up, sickness, allergies, anxiety, etc. All of this is caused by unconscious stress which leaves cortisol in your body longer then it is supposed to.

We have to learn to do two things:

  1. Stay Conscious: No matter what level of stress you have to make sure you stay completely conscious and present.
  2. Reframe: Reframing is simply giving stress a different meaning than just calling it stress. Instead of stress, we can say that it’s a state of readiness. With this different meaning, we can then choose a purpose behind it. Ready for what? Answer that questions then take action towards it. The best revenge is massive success, so transmute your stress into action towards your dreams.