Blessings from Struggle !!!

By November 27, 2016Uncategorized

At 25 years old pushing my rusted 1987 Honda accord in morning traffic is when I learned the truth about the past, the future, and the present. I realized I was in that situation because of one thing, the person I had become. With this new found understanding I simply began to work on myself and I noticed success started to come into my life with less effort than it ever had before. Simply by living as if everything was a reflection of my being, and with total responsibility for my own life, I transformed my life on all levels from the physical to the mental, and most importantly, the spiritual. With this new simple but profound concept, I was able to go from broke to making six figures, from homeless to buying my first home, from depressed to joyful, in a few short years…

Although I am proud of my quick successes, I am more excited about what I have learned during the process, I realized that I am a creator. I could create a context for my life, and anybody can also create a context for their life once they were aware of that ability. I realized that the cause of all things is generated with or without intention by human beings and that if a human being could take full responsibility for his life he could be the cause of all the results that take place in his life and create his life with intention.

With this new knowledge, I felt compelled to share it. I know that I needed some ammo for this bold idea so I decided to dedicate my life to learning the process of creation. I Define Success as The achievement of a future ideal. To have an idea and make that idea tangible, sensible, and physical is the process of creation. It seems that what we create is a reflection of our being and our being is controlled by one and one person only, us. The Creator loves us so much he allows us being, he gives us the freedom to be anything we want to be. This is the ultimate form of love because the possibilities of being are infinite, we can be anything, and if creation is the reflection of our being then that would mean that we also can create anything we wish to as well. I can prove this fact not only with analogies, but also scientifically, and I have dedicated my life to teaching, and motivating others to be the cause of their own lives.